Three Accounts of the Same Event

Account 1: The singing raintrees, cimbaloms, and weather harps transposed aural etherealities into a higher dimension whose rivulets of harmonies trickled into lower dimensions and rose into higher still dimensions. There, plasmal beings kythe through polycolored rainbows, using ionized air channels as their primary form of transportation, navigating in paraboats through the mindstream beyond light speed, warping the universe as they traverse forty thousand galaxies in a picosecond. This creates a new paradigm of universes that ceaselessly bloom and self-transfigure within a hypermatrix of infinite generation.

Account 2: Violet, mauve, and lavender timewaves oscillated as superfluid helium elixir showers flowed through quasizephrys at dawn in multicolored hyperrainbows. They intermingled with Riemann 4-spheres and hyperlucent hecatonicosachora and hexacosichora in a showering algorithmic symphony of harmonically optimized prime numbers, Bernoulli numbers, and Mersenne numbers. The numbers began to float and descend in geometric forms while accelerating into the timechasm then scintillating, flaring, and falling, initiating a new generation of infinite Peano-Gosper curves and twindragon curves. The fractals are flowing now, undulating, developing sapience and communicating with one another, signaling that the mind’s growth recapitulates the generation of the universe in a Conway’s Game of Life scenario wherein a complex orbital decomposes into an orbital that orbits the orrerial clockscape of the deep memories of the hippocampus.

Account 3: The dream-machine is churning worlds out with ever greater rapidity now, building, transcending, colonizing, launching projectiles then deconstructing along the Hausdorff dimension. Each fractal iteration is expansive, complete, all-consuming, sprawling outward, and generating further life still until each iteration develops sentience then rainbowlike sapience and becomes the progenitor of multiple universes, each doing the same thing. In each iteration is progress and hypertechnology, a blinking cataclysm of electrochemical machinery held in suspended motion, a euphonious symphony that ripples upward and transcends downward, flashing, shocking, and flaring on all sides. It is an ongoing collaborative rose-green, apricot-green, mallow-green, peach-green, coral-green frenzy of phonemes coruscating in polytemporal communication of pitch-shifting yearnings. It is 70,000 eyes, 70,000 wings, and 70,000 antennae fluttering, blinking, sensing, dipping into globular clusters, transcending, revolving, splashing in quantum streams of time, and then every prime-numbered pixel disintegrating.

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