In the Nightforest

Near our encampment in the nightforest stands a hypermirror, a reflective portal into another universe or reality or perhaps a dreamtime, which upon reemergence reverses the entrant’s charge, parity, or temporal directionality.

A green fog enters into the hypermirror and wafts back out as spatially reversed fog. It infiltrates the ground, and seeps into the primal ribbiting of opsipherions, the hoots and wails of wa’ki’la’s, the stirs of shakramals, and tweets of ku’rhymas. A gravitationally unbound hyperportal wavers overhead, and releases capsules of gaseous nitrogen, suffusing the atmosphere. The aerial army of ulepitrilheons assembles itself into military formation, prowling over the chemoluminescent crystal lake wherein the pre-vitalic ice machinery live.

In the volcano conclaves, a sacrifice is initiated as Zalrkali priests ritualistically pierce a tattooed warrior with a poisoned blade. Their officials are conducting psychological warfare now, blowing into hallucinogenic conch shells, and sending shock wavelets through the air, swivelating us mindlong into the guru-potante’s hallucinodious laugh. The shock orbs split in half each second, causing every second to be atomically redefined each time. We prepare our counterattack with a brume of electonetherdust, as our reconnaissance drones oscillate in deep time, the temporal layer three strata before the current one. Our native planet groans and undulates, sucking miasma into its serpentine underbelly while their aerial choppers attack, beginning with the lower extremities, a process the Zalrkali euphemize as “ex-living.”

The sky is purpling; the holographic constellation Auoerleioron is decomposing and swirling downward, reassembling into a destination hyperportal which emanates hissing vapors while flumes and etherfumes and quintessencefoams escape everywhere and qubits are released as a byproduct. The inside of the hyperportal is comprised of an infinite network of crystals composed of the dreams of the dead, with each crystal reflecting every other. Upon departing the hyperportal, we find ourselves 18,780 yggdrasilouparsces away, on the planet Quaddralafki of the star Ashkalamara in the galaxy Euph’ieroqqo’ahlo in the supercluster Iueoraloiemmoleu.

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