Emotional Intelligence Quiz

The following quiz is designed to gauge how emotionally intelligent you are.

1. You’re left alone momentarily with an acquaintance, and they suddenly and inexplicably start crying. You:

A) Burst into tears yourself in a demonstration of empathy
B) Gently ask, “What is wrong?”
C) Ask, “Are you crying?” while hoping they’ll deny it
D) Pretend not to notice anything in order to not intrude upon their moment of vulnerability

2. You’re out at dinner with a group of people, and you and a dining companion both reach for the last breadstick at the same time. You:

A) Smile politely and allow them to take the breadstick
B) Compromise by offering to share
C) Compromise by taking the breadstick yourself and then delivering fresh homemade bread loaves to the person’s doorstep every Saturday for the next seven weeks
D) Take the bread as soon as they suggest it in order to mitigate the awkwardness of the situation

3. You’re walking down a busy street and accidentally bump into someone. You:

A) Say something like, “Oh, sorry”
B) Say that you’re sorry, and expand on it a bit. Ask if they’re okay
C) Scream “Oh God, no!” and tear your clothes
D) Keep walking, since brushing against someone in a crowded area is not a big deal, and should be tolerated, somewhat

Correct answers:
1. A
2. C
3. C

Please spend some time developing your empathy and communication skills if you did not answer in this manner.

(But seriously, if you see someone you don’t know well crying, you should always ask. And then listen.)

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