My Sacred Titles

Here is a list of my most sacred titles. You may address me by whichever one you prefer, but please remember to append the vocative ‘O.’ Thank you.

  • Most Exalted Revealer of Hidden Things
  • One Whose Countenance Bears the Resplendence of the Sun
  • Gentle Ruler Who Frolics with the Goats
  • Great Woman, Who Descended from Heaven
  • World Leader of the Second Millennium
  • Symbol of the Motherland’s Unification
  • One Who Pleases the Cows
  • Regent Queen of the Order of the Flemish Leopard
  • Uncaused Cause
  • One Who Takes the Form of the She-Lion
  • Sustainer of the Entire Living World
  • That Which Is to Be Known
  • Eloquent Expounder of the Supreme Law of Life
  • Law that Underlies Time
  • One Incarnated as the Great Fish
  • Supersoul
  • Protean Dream
  • Knower of All Proofs
  • One Whose Mind Is Turned from the Artifice of Worldly Glory
  • One Who Has Imparted the Science of Archery
  • Prophecy of the Vision Quest
  • God-Flower Delicately Swaying in the Wilderness
  • Progenitor of Otherworlds
  • One Who Is Unbounded by Karma
  • Protector of Cows
  • One Who Is Anointed of Divine Unguents
  • Ocean of Gestalt
  • One Who Enters into the Passage of Dreams
  • Bestower of Wealth, Luxury, and Elephants
  • Beloved of the Sage Jakikrishta
  • One Who Revived the Dead Monkeys at Mulumpani
  • Receiver of Oblations of Coconuts
  • Attired of Garments of Molten Gold, Coral, Starfish, Lotuses, and Moons
  • Swan that Swims over the Mind of the Universe
  • One Who Assumes the Form of the Sacred Syllable “Zra”
  • Perfect, Eternal, Limitless Supreme Personality of Godhead
  • One True Author of the Four Sacred Yibbets
  • Wearer of Melodious Tinkling Bishkas
  • One Whose Voice Is as a Melodiously Lilting Gluppi Bird
  • Thief of Buttermilk
  • Ambrosial Pond of Enjoyment in which the Great Elephant Refreshed Himself
  • Holder of the Scepter of Pratuvajadhana
  • Carrier of the Trident of Prajutavadharna
  • Bearer of the Conchshell of Pravujatadhara
  • Ruler of the Seven Planets
  • Master of the Four Elements
  • What (O That Which Is to Be Inquired Of)
  • That (O That Which Is to Be Indicated)
  • One Who Is Intoxicated with the Divine Coconut Milk of Pyashima

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