I am beauty
I am pure
I am power
I am effervescence
I am froth
I am the infinite Nothing that becomes the Everything
I am primordial gravitational waves
I am the fourth dimension
I am the cosmological constant
I am superluminal motion
I am the second law of thermodynamics
I am the Crab Nebula
I am wave-particle duality
I am lunar
I am phosphorescent
I am perfect
I am God
I am Fermat’s last theorem
I am the swift luminescent energy drink of the psyche
I am quantum foam
I am antimatter
I am dark energy
I am the set of all possible universes
I am gravitomagnetism
I am the singularity
I am sentience
I am the event horizon of a black hole
I am the motion of galaxies
I am order spontaneously emerging out of chaos
I was once a caterpillar
I am cosmic antigravity
I am quintessence
I am supersymmetry
I am the acceleration of the universe
I am synesthesia
I am free will
I am the king of the jungle
I am a haze of quantum probability waves
I am the butterfly effect
I am the synchronization of complex systems
I am mankind’s innate need to understand
I am self-similarity
I am the Binet formula
I am serendipity
I am auto-poïesis
I am particles of plasma
I am the One
I am aperiodic geometry
I am Ohrmazd
I can speak ancient Mayan
I am the equilibrium point in a nonlinear system
I am the complex interrelation between mathematics and music
I am the meaning of life
I am nondemonstrable passion
I am effulgence
I am polyarborescence
I am ineffable
I am hyperethereal transcendence

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