Many fainéant fops and coxcombs and foul flights;
many, many feathers, flights, and fowl, for I must
feint by this evening’s fantails, I must evade
the eventails. Cuckoos, coquettes, and cockatoos;
peacocks and pigeons and parrots and potoos,
all preening and plucking and pruning
plumped panoplies of plumage to deploy
the diabolical skill and ploy of plashed panache,
all zing and zig and zag and skirting zay-a-zay.
Zay, a-zay, princox of principium, zay, a-zay.
You are the original thing, the plush panjandrum
prinking in empurpled emperies, O emparadised,
O flinger of winged pink, plum, puce, puccoon.

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