Deserted Beach

Let us step outside tonight, you and I,
to watch regattas in the twilit sky
of clouds vying to be truly done with us
and worlds receding by the last of light.
Take my hand. It’s each of us alone
who know the Sea of Faith was never full
and that its waves are sealed like a scroll.

I was once far off with memory:
I defined the time by distances
and divided it between the sky and sea,
between your hands and mine.
I was once far gone. But now it’s us alone
who rush like rival armies in the dark
whose bullets never miss their mark.

Come, one moment, out to the edge of all.
The evening wind is sweet like balm, just for us
to be mutually dead and damned to hell.
Oh, come grow old and blind with me
into the heirlooms of our billion years
as our bodies bloom into some other birth
and bend together in one bed of earth.

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