Ogni pittore dipinge sè


Mouth of flora, through voyages of verdure,
primaveras of imprimatura, you bequeath
the ever-greening continent freshening on your fresh illusion,
which is self-illumined, apprenticed in colorito exploration,
which cleaved the ceaseless plungings of appearance.

Now perfect the flourish of your aura
that rivets resemblances unto you
and muses you to memory
where peregrine paladins still seek
a pristine prismism to sift of silent hippocrenes
the oracular arias of your hippocampal founts.

Comely in cosmetic cosmos, put your noh face on,
moonlit maquillage, coif and curl in the dust clouds
and combers breaking under the craquelure
of your lips unspeeching the broken tones
and making meanings, a mannerism of semantics,
atavistic mimesis curving in time’s recursion
into your shape, a sculptress’s self-relation to the clays.


The fruit droops into the pool of silence.
Its sclereids disintegrate to archaic light:
a rainbow justly intoned, in Pythagorean tune,
where each separate hue perdures, apart,
in a moment of cohesion and negentropy.
Two suns are spooling, one below
a primitive of physics and toy theosophies
which reconstructs the music of the spheres,
soon consuming its core and cooling,
rescinding its seed, reducing itself to rind.
The water receives its reintegrated beams
in perfect absence—unsensed silence gleams.

Spores on the Solar Wind

Suspended in spacetime, though thrust
through interminable increate,
the primordial cells patternize
in emergent evolutions.

Spores on the solar wind.

The sunfruit has spliced its light
to slices of catalytics:
citric, Calvin, CNO
to disseminate the code of life.

Spores on the solar wind.

A spoor of lumens
reconstructs the flux of numen
that ionized the void sensorium
to minds that cleft auroral fire.

Spores on the solar wind.

Corona of the plasmaflower
culled in the crystals of the eye,
you are the ingenerate atoms that split
to particles beyond the final physics.

Spores on the solar wind.

Gloam of the Increate

A rose floats within the chaliced globe
(vivarium of viscid color) and blooms;
the clouds shed petals and their changed topology
interpolates an inchoate chaos,
releasing the Zeitgeist of fractional light.
Within our clockwork minds is fomenting
a planet forming, a science of Jurassic vitality.
Or void. Primordia and foam and the churn
of revolutions’ reveled potations.
A sky of cirro-circus and bacchanalia:
these be the civilities of the privileged hour.
Jove again, smarming over glutted gold-vermillion
and the million headlights and streetlamps
now silhouetted in their denouement.

Bēth (The Vessel)

O pomegranates and lilies disclosing
to Boaz and Jachin: I Ignalang am
the predicate of all you mean.
In the beginning was the primal point,
the primal homogeneity,
awaiting the logos, lex, and law
to break the cosmic symmetry.
Then at my Word, the light lashed exponentially:
Thus was God’s first thought
of something God was not.
His secret formulas and algebras
transduce to you in one of two:
my ontology binds the dual.
You know my oracles, my orations,
my forms that flicker like a flame,
now prophesize: Guess my name.

₺eveĺ̴͠l 0̵̀̕

In the pizzizzeria’s siz⭍le, bloom, and miraze,
the p xels peel off my face, wafftttiinngg in ⍵aves
of lucandescent plasplalasma. I ئense that I exxisstt,
but in b֎۞lean time, or. geographic psloo,
al. ways in the plaazzaa,, or al⍦ays in the pazoork,
releasing ꟻast-forwarded lirefava-flowers
or ascii pher෧mones: an e෯♭ryonic psychoid
ໄapsing beneath orrbbss and photophenule wings
and ꬣerchandise. Sooonn I. will ⳩lunder
all the €ash and twisaplight-pearlphires. But now
you lis⳧ like a newطorn loquloquistventri,
q elled in the inf۝-currents of a bluuee screen
of juvenlifescence, awash in ♪igital. hyperjewellss,,
the ꁅlitches gleammiing at your fingertiየs,
while I arrow right and ┪eft, here ߉n the gaaarrden
of parad⚵gms, an ☋nli⍫ed infinitud𐐩 of savepoiiints
like Ͼჩesh𐐸re ⟃he☾kers ꕥn a p⡇aאe of ꀸ↱୧㏟⑀.